Blog: Posts from September, 2020

9 Things to Maximize 2020 and Prepare for 2021

As the dual priorities of finishing 2020 at the best levels and also preparing for the 2021 resurging economy and growth path are front and center, we must preview, prepare and plan scenarios for the 2021 Sales Plan. Use 2019-yes 2019 as a guide to setting the 2021 number. If your business is up due …

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Finding Love With Latin Seeing

Spanish internet dating has never been a lot easier, especially today the moment there are numerous online dating services out there pertaining to the Latin visitors to join. Just what exactly exactly would it be all about? Check out this article and let us strategies basics of Latin dating online. 1st coming from all, people …

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Activating Your Sales Organization to Finish 2020

With Q4 upon us and every focus on finishing 2020 strong to set up a resurging Sales Plan in 2021, this is the time to strategize, take action and execute to drive maximum results. Segment the next 120 days as a period and set activity, sales opportunity and revenue goals.  Evaluate key accounts for ytd …

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