“Top 5 Things CEO’s and Business Owners are discussing in their CEO Peer Groups” 

“Top 5 Things CEO’s and Business Owners are discussing in their CEO Peer Groups” 

            Owner’s,  CEO’s and C-level executives are actively evaluating 2022 and formulating plans for the business year 2023 ahead. In recent discussion with the CEO Advisory members and other CEO’s there is a clear list of prioritized topics to focus on now.

  1. Forecasting 2023: How will the inflation, economy and wavering supply chain effect sales levels, pricing etc.

2. Five Year Planning: We have been a reactive mode for 2-3 years from the pandemic, it is really time to prioritize strategy and planning to make the next 5 years count to get to the next level.

3. People and Resources: A continuing issue keeping and competing for talent to keep companies performing at a high level. What are best practices?

4. Compensation across all Departments and Levels of their business: Inflation, the talent and labor markets are affecting wages and compensation for current team members as much or more than new hires.

5. What worked and didn’t work in 2022: Adjusting the Rudder or the Map in 2023?

*6. Enjoying life, the journey and the road ahead: It is always a priority to keep sight of personal goals, quality of life and wellness, best practices for the workplace and home.

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