“Announcing the Pinnacle Advisory Program for Business Owners and Key Managers” 

Introducing :

The Pinnacle Advisory Groups

for Small Business Owners and Key Managers.

 There is now a resource available to help business owners & key managers:

 -Offering a  Monthly Peer Group  to share in a community of mutual growth and success to brainstorm ideas, projects and trouble shoot business problems.

 -Featuring Financial Management Training from a CFO to understand P&L’s , Financial Statements and Forecasting/ Budgets to have better financial control and results.

 -Leadership and Management Coaching incorporating Emotional Intelligence and Business Planning to grow yourself, your people and your company.

 -Develop an Annual Business Plan and Clear Top 5 Priorities to report Quarterly progress.

 -Access to Topic Speakers who are experts in critical areas of your business like: HR, Cyber Security, Finance, Tax, Planning, AI and Marketing Strategy.

 Our Program Mission:  Our Membership represents a group of Owners, Partners and Key Managers of diverse small and mid-market sized businesses that meet monthly to:

  • Help each member to grow their business and themselves through an annual development plan that includes establishing Specific Attainable/ Accountable Goals, help develop an implementation strategy and consistently build a better, stronger and more profitable business.
  • Facilitate and Consult on business status, strategic opportunities and offer unbiased feedback with accountability to members.


  1. Group size: Each group may be started with as few as 3 members each with an expectation that the group will increase to a minimum size of 6 active members and a maximum group size of 10 members.
  1. Our Meeting Time, Schedule & Format: We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month for approximately ½ day, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Each meeting will be facilitated and moderated. Typical monthly meetings include open discussions of specific member goals regarding the people, progress and performance of each member.
  1. All members are expected to actively participate.  At times the group meetings may include special guest speakers, specific training segments and/or best practice discussions.  Each group is different in their dynamics and will have active input in the direction and expectations for each group.

 *****it is an absolute expectation that all discussions and meeting materials are held in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality and mutual respect bound by our NDA.

*Contact Program Co-Founders John Polumbo or Bruce Charleson for a 20 minute discussion to see if the Pinnacle Advisory  Group would help you and your business.   CV’s listed below.

 John Polumbo    [email protected] or 401-451-0553.

Bruce Charleson     [email protected] or 401-932-8455


 The Pinnacle Advisory Monthly Meeting

½ Day Meeting Structure:

8:30-10:15 Topical Speaker / Training Segment  (I.E. Financial Management, Pipeline Management, Internal Team Development, Coaching Your Team, Leadership).


10:30-12pm Member updates on Top 5 Priorities of Annual Plan.

 Membership Criteria

Your Responsibilities to the Pinnacle Advisory

You will be:

  • Committed to attending all meetings
  • Arrive to meeting on time
  • Willing to share knowledge and expertise with the Group
  • Mindful to not dominate meetings or conversations
  • Respect for others within the Group
  • Open to new ideas and suggestions by the Group
  • A desire to grow personally
  • A desire to become a better leader
  • A need to improve business performance

 Membership into each Group is by invitation only.  Membership consideration will be based on the following criteria:

Individual Criteria:

Title:   Members of each Pinnacle Advisory Roundtable Group must be focused on the mutual growth of both their business and themselves. Each member will be expected to develop a 5 Priority Plan for Development of both their business and personal goals and be willing to discuss each goal in the roundtable meetings.  Each member must also be a willing participant in discussing and advising both your own goals and the merits of other’s goals.

Company Criteria:

The prospective member’s Company must meet the following criteria:

  • Annual revenue minimum of $2.5million
  • At least 5 employees.
  • Must be an operating business (not passive).

Applicant Acceptance:

The following are requirements for Annual membership:

  • The prospective member must agree to complete the 5 Priority plan within 60 days.
  • The new member must agree to abide by The Pinnacle Advisory Code of conduct and complete and sign an Application for Membership.
  • The annual dues must be paid in full upon acceptance into the group.
  • Each existing group member will have an opportunity to discuss each group prospect before final acceptance into the group.
  • Competitive companies would not be allowed into the same group and such applicants may have to wait until an additional group is formed.
  • Each Group is renewed annually and the acceptance into the group one year does not guarantee acceptance into the group in future years. Each member’s positive contribution to their company’s success and the Group’s success will enhance the chances of being renewed into the group in subsequent years.  Violation of any rules in the Code of Conduct may lead to immediate termination from the Group as well.

John A. Polumbo

Founder, The CEO Advisory Group

Co-Founder, Pinnacle Advisory Roundtable Group

President, Winning Edge Selling

Affiliated Partner, No B.S. Sales School


Has Facilitated and led The CEO Advisory, a peer group for owners and key managers of 5mm+ companies that focuses on an annual business plan meeting monthly to discuss progress and business challenges to build better businesses. Incorporating outside SME speakers, conducting quarterly plan reviews and creating close circle positions the CEO Advisory as the premier C-level Peer Group.


With over 20 years experience in the development of winning sales organizations at all levels. John takes a 3 -pronged approach of defining sales strategy, implementing effective sales management and integrating long term sales training his track record for client growth and success is unmatched in the New England marketplace.

Winning Edge Selling, A Partner Affiliate of No BS Sales School,  is one on New England’s largest and most recognized Sales Training companies serving over 200 client companies in more than 20 industries.  Their success record is unmatched in the area of sales and sales management in offering small businesses sales training and coaching making Winning Edge Selling services complete and unique for the development of top performing salespeople, sales teams and sales leaders.

Client Industries:

            Technology    Engineering   Commercial Construction    Construction Supply Residential Construction        Remodeling  Manufacturing           Food companies        Digital Marketing      Marketing Agencies Insurance       Financial Planning    Consumer Packaging

Bruce A. Charleson – CV

Since 2016, Bruce has been a consultant advising on growth, strategy, financial management and process improvement to companies across industries including nearly 7 years of consulting as the Chief Financial Officer of Sweenor Builders in Wakefield RI guiding them successfully through a period of tremendous growth and diversification.

Prior to 2016 Bruce was the President and CEO of Arnold Lumber Company in West Kingston, Rhode Island.  His affiliation with Arnold’s goes back to 1989 when he became the CFO of the company at age 28.  Bruce also helped lead Arnold Lumber through 5x Revenue growth and a highly successful generational succession of Leadership during his tenure.

Prior to 1989 Bruce was an active Certified Public Accountant for both KPMG and Kahn, Litwin & Company CPAs.

Bruce’s many other affiliations include the following:

Building Industry Affiliations:

Brockway-Smith Company – Board Member – April 2017 to September 2023

Northeast Retail Lumbermen’s Association – Former Chairman 2008 and committee chairs and participant for many building material related industry committees. Industry awards also include:

  • Northeastern Young Lumber Execs Redwood Award – March 2005
  • RI Lumber Dealers – Lumber Person of the Year – November, 2011

Rhode Island Builders Association – Board Member, 1996-1999, 2001 – 2008

State of Rhode Island Legislative Appointments – Lien Law Commission – 2007 and RI Green Building Advisory Board 2010 – 2015


  • University of Rhode Island – BS in Business Administration – Accounting Major – June 1985
  • Bryant College – Masters in Business Administration – 1995


Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce – Board of Trustees – January 2014 – January 2016

Providence/Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau – 2013 Ambassador Award

West Kingston Fire Department – Treasurer, April 1995 to April 2006

South County Center for the Arts Vice President, Treasurer, September 2001 –September 2008

South County Youth Soccer Club – Head Coach (house and travel teams), 2001-2008

University of Rhode Island Alumni Association Member from 1987-2012 and URI Fastbreak Club Member from 1987-2012



*Contact us for a 20 minute discussion to see if the Pinnacle Advisory  Group would help you and your business.     John Polumbo    [email protected] or 401-451-0553.

 “Owning a Business is as Rewarding as it can be Challenging, there is no need to go it alone, inquire to visit the Pinnacle Advisory Group ”