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Working with clients ranging from small business owners to Fortune 500 businesses, we are the catalyst to grow people, systems and results in a winning and people based culture.

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Big Challenges, Real Results

“‪I hired John to review and assess both our sales organization and our sales team to identify where we needed to reorganize, improve our strategies and tactics and then to provide training. As you can see we commenced our relationship just as the greatest recession since the Great Depression was hitting the nation; a time that could not have been worse for starting a sales consulting assignment; having said that our results from working with John were game changing. John did an excellent job of reviewing and assessing our team and then provided individualized training that resulted in two-fold improvements in individual performance. He has tremendous expertise and was very successful in sharing it with our team. His selling tactics are the backbone of our current sales strategy and we expect to be joining forces with John again to improve our sales effectiveness.‬”

Dan Shedd, President/Owner, Taylor Box Company

“I sell software as a service (SAAS) to businesses with 10-250 employees. When initially approached by John I had been struggling with my entire sales process, from prospecting to closing new business. I decided to make an investment in myself and initially paid for the training out of my own pocket. The returns were almost immediate, I drastically improved my sales process and closed more business. I no longer even needed to fund it myself, my employer saw the return on investment and decided to take advantage of the sales training I had been receiving from Winning Edge Sales by sending me to more advanced training and classes. John has helped my career tremendously, many of the skills that I have learned with him have helped me grow professionally which has opened doors that might not otherwise be available without his training. I highly recommend John and his services, you will most certainly see an immediate and drastic return on your investment!”

David Dupuy, Major Accounts, Complete Payroll Solutions

“I joined John’s CEO Advisory in late 2018. My company is in rapid growth mode and I am the COO responsible for sales and operations. We are growing very fast, need to scale, problem solve and engage technology and resources. Having a peer council of established CEO’s to brainstorm ideas and validate plans has been extremely valuable. The offsite Strategic Planning Retreat in Florida was a great experience to deliver our Strategy Plans for 2019 and spend time making adjustments on the plan as well as building relationships with the members. We are 50% ahead month to month last year and continue to grow and scale quarterly to hit our 2019 plan. I strongly recommend John and his CEO Advisory for Owners, Exec’s and CEO’s who are looking for top level input from owners and executives who are dedicated to the success of their companies, customers and employees.”

Rich Paolo, COO, Start Safety, USA

John Polumbo, President and Founder of Winning Edge Selling, Inc., has over 15 years experience in the development of winning sales people, sales managers and small business owners.

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Offering small business sales training, corporate sales training, active sales management and a CEO peer advisory group makes Winning Edge Selling’s services complete and unique for the development of top performing sales teams and sales leaders.

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Our client list speaks for itself. Since our earliest days, we’ve represented everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with that same partnership approach and dedication at the core of every engagement.

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