9 Things to Maximize 2020 and Prepare for 2021

As the dual priorities of finishing 2020 at the best levels and also preparing for the 2021 resurging economy and growth path are front and center, we must preview, prepare and plan scenarios for the 2021 Sales Plan.

  1. Use 2019-yes 2019 as a guide to setting the 2021 number. If your business is up due to CV19 opportunities they may slow and if your business is down the return to open economies, post-election rally and normalizing of life should track to this basis.
  2. Ask the sales teams to project and forecast per account revenue ranges for every account.
  3. Set a target new business revenue number as a percentage of total revenue of the sales team
  4. Plan for regaining lost and down customers from the CV19 impact.
  5. Review pricing, product/service bundles and spinoffs to upsell and cross-sell the account base and set tracking in CRM for execution accountability.
  6. Conduct 2021 1-1’s to set goals, build mindset and commitment for the 2021 Sales Plan.
  7. Discuss the top 5 personal goals of each individual in the Q4 1-1’s, your people need to feel connected, linked and appreciated.
  8. Set monthly schedule to have 1-1’s in addition to weekly/monthly sales meeting to let communication be the key driver to leading your top-performing sales team.
  9. Begin to document the plan and set a team meeting to roll out the plan and highlight key areas to build motivation and leadership.

At the end of the day sales people and sales team will be the frontline of every company and will bring in the business to keep companies driving the economy.  We will be there before, during and after the economy gets back on track and to much higher levels by being proactive and being solution ready for clients and customers.

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