About Winning Edge Selling

Winning Edge Selling is one of New England’s most recognized Sales Training companies serving over 200 client companies in more than 20 industries

Their record is unmatched in the area of sales and sales management; offering small business sales training, corporate sales training, active sales management and a CEO peer advisory makes Winning Edge Selling services complete and unique for the development of top performing sales teams and sales leaders.

Polumbo, President and Founder of Winning Edge Selling, Inc. has over 15 years experience in the development of winning sales people, sales managers and small business owners. Taking a 3 prong approach of defining sales strategy, implementing effective sales management and integrating long term sales training his track record for client growth and success is unmatched in the New England marketplace. His client services range from CEO coaching to building out Sales Management Systems and Processes to recruiting and developing salespeople. With over 200 client references he probably has trained and worked with someone you know to get them to the next level.

Many new clients hire us for sales training, consulting and coaching because they need to change Sales Culture, Sales Activity and get real results. Our three prong approach to developing high performing people and high performing sales organization is: Developing 1-5 Year Sales Plans, Compelling Sales Management and Sales Training /Coaching are the keys to long term high level performance and success

Are you a business owner or sales team leader with any of the following issues:
  • Unclear and Under Executed Sales Plan?
  • Struggle to Motivate and Incent Sales People to perform above Expectations?
  • Inconsistent and Wishfully Optimistic sales forecasts?
  • Not Developing new sales people?
  • Over loaded sales manager?
  • Inefficient and Mildly Effective Sales Process?
  • High Service Culture, Too Low Sales Culture?

If you are ready to be challenged, learn the highest level of professional people based selling and be held accountable, contact us today!