CEO Advisory Group

We offer a select group of CEOs of small and mid-market businesses that meet monthly to advise, learn and hold each other accountable with one key goal: to drive the success of our businesses.

What makes the “EDGE” CEO Advisory Group different?

  1. Our group is built on a common structure: Each member in working with the facilitator builds an Annual Business plan that is linked to a 3-5 year plan.
  2. We are a dedicated group of dynamic business owners and executive coaches who take on the tough issues presented in our businesses with an unbiased and experience-based approach. 
  3. This forum will allow owners to overcome owner isolation and add owner accountability, something you cannot achieve without an outside perspective. 
  4. Monthly experts will present best of class topics on leadership, strategy, sales, marketing, HR, finance, succession, transition and other important topics to enhance your leadership abilities and business performance. 




Do you need to Make the Next 10 Years Count?

Business owners who are committed to raising the performance of their business to a higher level, as well as those who must maximize their personal and company’s performance over the next 10 years. As members of this group, we have your personal and business success in mind, encouraging an environment of collaboration among each other. Winners need to be around other winning business owners.

Business owners who understand they don’t have to go it alone.  It can be lonely at the top, but no owner needs to be isolated.  Our EDGE CEO Advisory gives you the opportunity to access 10 other owners who are willing and ready to provide trusted advice for your most difficult questions. The power of a CEO advisor group is the quality of ideas and experiences each CEO in the group is willing to share.

Business owners who understand that board-level accountability is a key component of every high-performing business.  Accountability is hard to achieve within the confines of your own business when you are already at the top.  The CEO masterminds from the Edge CEO Advisory will provide you with the accountability you need to keep your business at its highest performance.