No BS Sales Management & Leadership Program “Motivation and Accountability”

January 5, 2023

9:00 am - 10:30 am

Zoom session

1st Thursday of each Month days at 9am-10:30am, ET.

10  interactive Sales Management Training Classes  incorporating the fundamentals of the No BS Sales Management program delivered publicly or privately to Sales and Team Leaders  to build a foundation of Developing, Coaching and Motivating people  to drive retention, results and career workplace satisfaction.

Module 3: “Coaching for Accountability and Motivation”


            “The definition of coaching is getting people to do what they know is good for them even when they don’t want to do it.” Pat Riley, NBA Basketball Coach            We will cover key ways to Motivate your people and increase Accountability through Sales Coaching verses a traditional heavy Sales Mgt. approach. Participants will learn how to hold people and teams accountable.

A critical part of managing and developing people  will cover strategies and techniques to make you a better coach and better manager. Participants will learn how to lead and not control, how to attract their people to goals.

If you need to develop your Sales Management or other leaders in your organization, call/ text John Polumbo 401-451-0553 or email [email protected]