Goal Setting 2024 Bootcamp NO BS Sales School – Remote Session

December 14, 2023

10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Zoom session

Goal Setting 2024 Bootcamp December 14th:


It’s that time of year when we conduct the Goal Setting Programs for Clients that are driven to achieve in all aspects of their career, business, income and personal life. Some things to consider from various sources:

“The World is owned by the people who set Goals” by Henry Ford

1. Only 3-5% of people set goals.

2.Just 1% of people Write their Goals down.

3. About 8% of people achieve their Goals.

4. People are 42% more likely to achieve Goals when written down.

5. People who keep a running Goal Journal increase Goal Achievement by 20%

Are you ready to invest Time, Energy, Thought and $ to become more Pro-Active in your Career growth, Accelerate Sales Earnings and be Balanced by having a process to set, track and achieve Personal Goals?

If you need to be here to Increase Sales and Increase your personal income. It’s time to email [email protected] or call 401-451-0553.