Sales Leadership in a Crisis- CV-19

It’s Time to Engage and Re-Active Your Sales Organization!

We are in the midst of a totally disrupting, unknown and scary time in the CV-19 Pandemic. Our people and teams need a genuine leader who is with them, confident and vulnerable like they are. Never has Emotional Intelligence been more significant.

4 Things to Focus on:
  1. Safety, Well being and Emotional Confidence-
  2. Communication and Engagement-
  3. Leadership to Manage the Crisis-
  4. Vision to a Better Future-
How do we do that?
  1. Ask the how are you, how are you doing and are you ok?’s
  2. Listen to the answers and feelings.
  3. Offer support, community and encouragement.
  4. People first-business second and the future will come as it comes.

At the end of the day, people will remember how they felt under our leadership during the crisis. If they felt ok, a sense of belonging and engaged optimism- they will remember your compassionate EI based leadership as a highlight of a dark time.

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