Mindset to Begin Sales Engagement

It’s Time to Engage and Re-Activate Your Sales Organization! 

The CV-19 Pandemic was a shocking interruption of business and personal life normalities. As we emerge from the crisis and engage our customers, vendors, teams and networks we must operate in an authentic way to add relationship, value and sense of well being  while restarting sales channels.

3 Things to Activate Sales Channels:
  1. Focus and Rally the Sales Teams
  2. Message-Engage-Communicate to Active and Inactive Customers.
  3. Approach Past Customers, Network Partners and Lost prospects.
How do we do that?
  1. Rally the Sales teams with the company and market message to let them reset and energize the back to market approach.
  2. Build clear re-engagement messages with disconnected and distracted customers.
  3. Develop and schedule multi-touch, multi point communication channels to reach customers with soft buy messages and strong help messaging.
  4. Crank up the Marketing across channels to bridge messaging to sales.

At the end of the day sales people and sales team will be the frontline of every company and will bring in the business to keep companies driving the economy.  We will be there before, during and after the economy gets back on track and to much higher levels by being proactive and being solution ready for clients and customers.

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