“Good vs. Great for Sales Professionals, How to use a Sales Coach.”


“Good vs. Great for Sales Professionals,How to use a Sales Coach to go to the Next Level.”

By John Polumbo- President, Winning Edge Selling

Founder Winning Edge Selling & Co-Founder Edge CEO Advisory

While working with over a thousand salespeople through the years, the ones who have utilized a long term approach to continuous improvement and outside coaching have truly excelled faster and easier than the go it alone sales individuals. In my Sales Training and Coaching programs, we identify and work with the people who are truly committed to heading to the next level or next 5 levels of their career.  Here is how it works!

  1. Help you evaluate where you “really” are in your abilities, mindset, performance and career.
  2. Help you set a multi-facet “Growth Trajectory Game Plan”.
  3. Assist you in inventorying your mind set, habits, strengths and weakness.
  4. Define hurdles, road blocks, growth benchmarks and opportunities to go to the next level.
  5. Have regular reviews for validation and adjustments of the plan.
  6. Accountability sessions to keep things on track.
  7. Help coach Sales Pipeline deals for more and faster Wins, No’s and lessons learned.
  8. Professional “Brutal Truth Feedback” and continuous Goal Setting.
  9. Give you “Confidential” proven expert who has Your Best Interest In Mind, all the time to push/pull you to the next level and beyond.

Hope this list is helpful or even a reminder of the growth road you have travelled in your career.

If it’s Time to Build, Engage and Re-Activate Yourself or Sales Team  then it’s time to inquire about our services, contact  John Polumbo    [email protected] or 401-451-0553.