6 Ways CEO's and Business Owners are Leading Their Companies to Recovery & Growth"

By John Polumbo- President, Winning Edge Selling C0-Founder Edge CEO Advisory   Many owners have driven forward in 2021 and 2022  by focusing on 6 Areas to lead, manage and care for their businesses, their people and their customers. Conversely, while for others it has been an extreme time of challenges, obstacles and stress for …

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21 Keys to Sales Success in 2021

21 Keys to Sales Success in 2021     Start Right Stay Right! January is the time to get your focus and foundation for the year. Lock in schedule, metrics, prospecting activity and planning.   2021 Sales Will Bounce Back Hard! Be ready for the bounce back, 2021 sales will come back hard, the v shape …

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Top 5 Things Sales Leaders Need to do in Q4 to Maximize the Sales Organization for 2020

1. Truly define a clear focus of the 2020 Big Picture of your business. The Economy and the Media cannot be the determining source of information for Sales Forecasting. Sales leaders must gain custom perspective for their company by conducting Customer account reviews to advise internal projections in 2020. Involve Sales personnel for input on …

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