Activating Your Sales Organization to Finish 2020

With Q4 upon us and every focus on finishing 2020 strong to set up a resurging Sales Plan in 2021, this is the time to strategize, take action and execute to drive maximum results.

  1. Segment the next 120 days as a period and set activity, sales opportunity and revenue goals.
  2.  Evaluate key accounts for ytd performance and explore bounce back and re-order opportunities tied to past sales levels.
  3. Meet with the Sales Teams to motivate-inspire-activate their personal drivers to be resilient, positive and action based.
  4. Develop incentives based on individual and team stretch goals.
  5. Preview 2021 Sales Plans to motivate sales team on over-achieving in 2021.
  6. Use the CRM to track, coach and add accountability to maintaining and activity based sales team.

At the end of the day sales people and sales team will be the frontline of every company and will bring in the business to keep companies driving the economy.  We will be there before, during and after the economy gets back on track and to much higher levels by being proactive and being solution ready for clients and customers.

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