“7 Break Through Lessons Learned from Sales Training that Launch Sales Professionals to the Next Level”

“7 Break Through Lessons Learned from Sales Training that Launch Sales Professionals to the Next Level”

By John Polumbo- President, Winning Edge Selling

Founder Winning Edge Selling & Co-Founder Edge CEO Advisory

Over the last 25 years of coaching and managing salespeople, I have observed a series of growth benchmark lessons that are learned by salespeople to become high performing “Professionals “. There is a difference between people who are in Sales verses people who commit to having a Professional Sales career that will deliver a high level of income opportunity, satisfaction in helping clients and rewarding journey. In my Sales Training and Coaching programs we identify the people who are truly committed to heading to the next level or next 5 levels of their career, I’m glad to share some of these with you.

  1. They have developed and keep developing a Compelling Vision, Career Goals and Personal Goals including Income Goals.
  2. Establishing a Clear, Repeatable Sales Process that provides a Consultative approach and professional value add that conveys a mission to help.
  3. Understand and decide that Time and Efficiency are as Important as Making a Sale. By using clear agreed next steps within Sales Process and being “Ok with No”; they are able to have clean accurate Pipelines and highly efficient prioritized days.
  4. Commit to Constant Learning, No Ego’s Invited to Sales and knowing one’s own  “Mind Trash” (self limiting beliefs) is the Only Obstacle that keeps us from further success levels.
  5. They find a mentor, coach or accountability partner to lean into when needed and for direction and critical guidance.
  6. Focusing on Referrals, Repeat Business, Referral Partners and Industry network are required to be in the Top 10%.
  7. Learning It’s a Journey to high Success, “Progress not Perfection “ is a great mindset for growth and then they can enjoy the trip.

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