21 Keys to Sales Success in 2021

21 Keys to Sales Success in 2021


  1.   Start Right Stay Right!

January is the time to get your focus and foundation for the year. Lock in schedule, metrics, prospecting activity and planning.  

  1. 2021 Sales Will Bounce Back Hard!

Be ready for the bounce back, 2021 sales will come back hard, the v shape recovery is finally here. Have the winning mindset, take action and achieve the results for your best year ever.

  1. Mindset will determine the quality and consistency of your      

 Often your activity and behavior can drive your mindset and 2020 was one of those years where leaning into activity with persistency got many salespeople through tough years. 2021 will be a year of pent up demand and optimism, your mindset will drive your goals and activity to optimize every day, week, month, quarter and year.

  1. Solving The Buyer/ Seller Equation  will be  tougher than  Ever!

Buyers will investigate and engage for buying opportunities than ever before. Buyers will be cost focused and price driven while not committing to decisions, timelines and business relationships. Be ready to be Peer to Peer with all Proespects and run sales process to deliver the best outcomes for both sides. 

  1. Inefficient, soft sales process will be more painful than ever.

Wasting time on quotes and proposals that don’t close, unpaid consulting and burning hours and resources will be more painful than ever as we all target higher levels of sales in 2021.

  1. Your Habits will determine your success trajectory.

Winning in Sales is a Habit-Prospecting is a Habit-Closing is a Habit-Generating Referrals is a Habit-Time Mgt is a Habit-Sales Game Planning is a Habit: Winging it and going through the day to day will not produce high results or peace of mind. 

  1. Sales Process can be Upgraded tremendously with Sales Enablement tools.

2020 enabled remote selling through technology and upgraded tools including use of video in Sales Process, Outreach, CRM capabilities and more allow for significant impact and efficiencies in 2021 and beyond. 

  1. You have Permission from the Prospect to Control Sales  
      Process because of universal 2020 supply chain issues.

 Prospects need your information such as capabilities, pricing, samples, delivery schedules etc and will allow you to Qualify and maintain control of Sales Process as a balance point if you are professional enough to not rush to quote and HOPE you get the P.O.

  1. Budgets will need to be set and  margin earned.

 No budgets in 2020 will turn into setting budgets in 2021. Margin will be earned by value add, references and confidence in your pricing.

  1. You can only sell solutions to problems or opportunities for signicant gain.

There is no more show & tell selling- What problem can you fix or prevent? How can you give them gains in ROI-Service level-Speed of delivery etc. 

  1. You must cover all of the decision makers; users, influencers, financial and authority or your deals will stall.

 No more stalled and stuck deals; ask ?’s and ask the tough ?’s and ask your primary contacts to ask the HIDDEN DECISION MAKERS the tough ?’s for you.

  1. Rock Referrals in 2021 like never before.

You have earned your clients, customers, COI’s, Channel Partners, Referral Partners etc. They can connect you to your IDEAL Prospects. Commit to Referrals in 2021 like never before. 

  1. Systematize Your Prospecting and Lead Gen.

Prebook your Prospecting time and Activities. Once you get busy and Sales #’s get moderately better, the first thing that you stop doing is Prospecting new business. Don’t Fall into the Trap. 

  1. Take time everyday to Organize.

15 Minutes to huddle yourself to begin and end your day will achieve organization, prioritization, better time mgt and closure. 

  1. Take time every month to Assess, Think and Adapt.

An hour a month to review and assess the previous month and Game Plan the next month is STRATEGIC PLANNING for Salespeople. 

  1. Maximize every customer/ client.

Cross Sell-UpSell-Referalls-References-Relationship building. 2020 was a great year to evaluate and build relationships, maximize 2021 from the get go. 

  1. Look Forward 90%, Back 10%.

2021 is Straight ahead, keep 2020 in the rear view mirror. Set new goals and Sales Targets and keep sales history as a forward planning tool. 

  1. You Will Make More $$$$$$$

99% of  Salespeople should make more, maybe a lot more $ in 2021. Will you?

  1. Protect Your Time and Energy, they are your most valuable ASSETS.

2021 has the probability of being the busiest year for salespeople. Don’t let activity and busy get in the way of productivity! 

  1. Balance of Work/Life is OK now!!!!

It really is, balance your personal goals and professional goals and stick to it. Companies have never had as much empathy and appreciation for Salespeople as the do now. 

  1. Increase  Gratitude to increase happiness and inner strength.

Be thankful, deep down inside. We have so many blessings in all of our lives everything else is gravy. Salespeople are focused on the gravy and thats what makes them successful. Be happy for everything else too. 


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